Karat Romance #2 — The Pretenders

Remember, at this point in my life I was the stereotypical fat girl. I was happy with myself when I was alone, but the second someone I liked didn’t favour me, I’d nitpick at my looks and eventually, my worth. You could say that maybe I didn’t love myself enough to realise that I didn’t need anyone else to validate me, but growing up with people telling me that “it’s what on the inside that counts” really took a toll on me when I saw that it wasn’t the case at all. ‘I Don’t Care About Looks But I Really Do But Won’t Tell You ‘Cos I’m Nice And Don’t Want To Sound Superficial’ was a very popular song sung by almost all the guys I liked.


Whenever I saw him or read his posts on social media where he’d declare his love to the girl he was dating at the time, it hurt. I was happy that he found someone he loved and was proud to be with, but it really tripped me out because I thought it’d be me.


Read the story in its entirety here.



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