No Sense — Justin Bieber

We knew Justin Bieber’s album was a yet-to-be released fireball upon hearing the first three singles of the album because when has JUICE ever written about him? Or have we always been closet-Beliebers? Who’s to say! Purpose dropped last week and has attracted many positive reviews mainly for its self-aware-like lyrics that emphasise the side of Justin that was saturated by the negative coverage he’d been receiving over the past year and the mediocre pop songs like ‘Baby’ and ‘All Around The World’ he’s best known for. To cement Justin’s determination of turning over a new leaf as an individual and an artiste, he collaborated with Parris Goebel to direct 13 dance videos for each track from the album, which are part of the Purpose movement. Much like the songs, the videos do not disappoint mainly because Parris is a dance choreograph genius; her portfolio is proof of this claim, from directing tours for Janet Jackson to Nicki Minaj while managing her own dance studio in New Zealand, which by the way, was responsible for this badass take on Beyoncé’s ’7/11′ — yes, it was better than the Queen’s but we’ll never admit to this in real life — there’s really no denying her or her crew’s talents.

Written for JUICE.


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