Man Plans God Laughs — Public Enemy

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset
Last weekend I was part of a campaign shoot for Ridduan’s soon-to-be-released T-shirt line, PAC, which stands for Public Announcement Club. What is its significance? You’ll have to ask Riddy but what I can disclose is that the t-shirts are hella comfortable and since I practice the “live to eat” lifestyle aka “what is a treadmill and where the burgers at?” was thrilled to learn that the sizes for this collection are from L onwards. It comes in two colours, black and beige but we know that black is better, fuhhhrealz!

I was really nervous about being in front of the camera — confident? Moi? You betcha!  — but just as I walked onto the backdrop, King Kunta started playing so I was a little more at ease because Kendrick Lamar gives me life and #nalej. We’ll have to wait and see how the photos turned out but in the meantime, you can follow PAC’s Instagram page here for more updates.

This week has been emotionally exhausting. I love that I can feel the amount that I do but dislike [with a passion] that I can’t stabilise it quickly. I get consumed by the tiniest factors and it feels like I take forever to get out of that state but it’s really only a week; I’ve to remember that having one down week is A LOT better than having one down month.

I’ll end this post with quote by Sarah aka my partner in being real bodoh:
“Focus on you because goddamn, it’s about time somebody did — somebody that won’t ask you for anything,”

Here’s hoping you all have a splendid weekend! X


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