Coda — A Lost Soul Meets Death

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 10.44.24 AM

An animation studio based in Dublin has produced a short film about a lost drunken soul that attempts to escape death. He (the soul) asks Death to show him all that he’ll be missing and she obliges; taking him to see his loved ones, the sea, and the forest (safe to say that he’s an ‘outdoor’ kinda guy even in the face of death). Then, he begins to ask questions that he was afraid to ask when he was still alive — such as why he didn’t have a relationship with his grandfather and how to handle his own personal relationship. It’s beautifully executed and it’s no wonder that the animated short has been nominated for the Academy Awards‘ Best Animated Short Story category. While it’s a little dark, there’s some comfort within the soft hues and how gently Death takes care of him.

Watch the video below:

Written for JUICEOnline.


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