Blue Orchid — The White Stripes

I took a break from looking at products to loan (aka involuntary online shopping ) to accompany Cindy (the other JUICE writer who conducts pretty rad interviews) to check out Double A café. If I hadn’t stopped browsing the web then, I would’ve been on an oxygen and water diet for the rest of the month — curse you, ASOS.

Double A resides in Ara Damansara and is run by a couple that are passionate about both coffee and cakes. I’m not a coffee person (unless it’s in a form of a body scrub, then pile it on me!) so I paid more attention to the cake display than the drink menu and I’m glad I did or I would’ve never noticed the Christiung Applegate with salted caramel and chopped nuts. It was heavenly; soft and sweet, like cotton candy only healthier ‘cos it had apples.

The Double A team don’t mess around when it comes to quality — you’re swimming so far down DeNile if you believe every café in KL prioritises quality — and pay attention to intricate details to provide the best experience for their customers.

For the full review, be sure to check out JUICE’s August issue and see what Cindy thought of the place. In the meantime, go over to try the cakes and its créme brûlée coffee. You won’t regret it!

I really like this space.


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