No Introduction — Nas

All you need to know is that I’m always peachy.

No, I’m kidding of course. You also need to know that I have an odd sense of humour and that Beyoncé gives me life — but chances are you already know that because I make no attempt of hiding my love and devotion to the Queen.

Before I carry on rambling about Yoncé (and I will go on until Led Zeppelin reunites which will never happen; I will never stop talking about her), my name is Rathika Sheila (you noticed that from the URL? One point for your observations!) and I have never kept a blog active for more than 6 months. Fear of commitment? You could say that. Maintaining a blog is difficult — some days I have a short story to share and then there are days where all I want to do is post a photo and let it speak the thousand words I cannot articulate.

This is my two-hundredth attempt  at blogging and I am going to push myself to maintain this for at least a year. If I succeed, I will treat myself to a holiday overseas and if I don’t, I’ll treat myself to a staycation at a hotel in KL and abuse the mini bar because I did my best, goddamnit.

I will focus more on beauty and lifestyle posts so if anyone is expecting stories brought to you by Jiwang Karat, it’s best to look someplace else because my love-life is not so interesting that it needs to be blogged about. If you watch The Mindy Project — that’s basically it ‘cept I haven’t met Danny Castellano yet but I will… in an elevator… on my way up to the rooftop of the Empire State building.

It’s a reference, I swear! I don’t spend hours in a day fantasising of living in New York and bumping into Trevor Noah and him falling deeply in love with my sense of humour (and then with me, duh). No, I don’t do that. I’m very sane and normal.

I’m going to stop writing (lying) now because it’s Ramadan and it’s a horrible time to lie. Actually, there is no ‘right time’ to lie, jafeels? So if you know that Wes killed Rebecca in the finale of How To Get Away With Murder and withhold such information from me because you don’t like giving out spoilers, we can’t be friends anymore.

Conclusion: My name is Rathika Sheila. I will write beauty and lifestyle posts; I will use many pop culture references because I am fluent in the language. I watch too many TV shows and Beyoncé is the Queen. 

Here I go.


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